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  • home sweet home

    Change is disorienting.
    A real challenge.
    Rarely painless.
    And it’s what happens when you decide to
    alter your surroundings.
    Even slightly.
    Whether building a house from the ground up.
    Or re-arranging a few rooms.
    It’s all disquieting.

    Yet it’s an irresistible quest of those who want something else. New, better, more reflective of who they are. Or perhaps just a different way of being at home.

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  • Home Sweet Home

    My goal is to make change happen in the
    best possible way.
    It’s all about comfort.
    Followed by purpose.
    With beauty all around.
    Plus a little humor.

    If you open the door to your home.
    Smile in wonderment.
    Relax into the familiar.
    And sigh with a sense of peace.

    Then I’ve done my job

  • fayes-way
  • faye’s way

    No, I don’t need to get my way all the time.
    Faye’s Way is how I approach your dreams.
    It starts with the most important information of all.
    You and your nest.
    How you function.
    What you must have around you to be happy.
    Where you like to read, work, play on your iPad.
    If you need your feet up.
    The light that lets you see.
    Plus the outdoor one that makes your heart sing.
    How you entertain acquaintances, friends, family.

  • been-there
  • been there

    You know the old saw, “Find your passion, and…”
    Well I did.
    In interior design.
    And a grand passion it is.

    But I came across it later.
    After spending a great deal of time elsewhere.
    Specifically in the Mad Men world.

    There I learned to be strong, not strident.
    To execute campaigns within a budget.
    And to effectively manage difficult situations.
    Best of all, I learned about people.
    How to listen.
    How to get them to tell me more.
    How to translate their needs.
    How to make them very happy.

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  • Been There

    Lucky me, design came naturally.
    As did its attendant discipline.
    Back to that passion thing.
    I care about details.
    All of them.
    For sure, that’s what successful interior
    design is all about.
    Where a light switch is placed…
    Which door hardware is ideal…
    Ceiling paint finish…
    Location of switched outlets…
    All just as important as installation
    of your favorite art.
    Or knowing exactly where to find the right fabric at the right price.

  • visions
  • no-percentage
  • no percentage

    I’m rather straightforward.
    And so is the way I do business.
    I charge by the hour.
    Big renovation.
    Or a brief consultation.
    No matter.

    For me, taking a percentage is silly.
    I prefer to stand behind my recommendations.
    No strings attached.

    My business world experience still influences my office style.
    Quite buttoned up.
    I treat your budget with respect.
    Share an easy to read spreadsheet to keep us
    on target.
    What’s been purchased, when, how much.
    Items yet to be specified, delivery dates, balances.
    You get the picture.

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    Any and all discounts are passed on to clients.
    Who pay directly for everything.
    No extra charges.
    No one designing or shopping for you except me.
    A monthly invoice with clear activity descriptions.
    Right down to the half hour.
    Complete transparency.

  • look-dont-touch
  • Virtual Design

    Look, Don’t Touch
    Virtual Design

    How many times did I hear that growing up
    And now we’re all back in the same sandbox.
    At the moment, looking is different: FaceTime, Skype
    You show me the space that needs help
    Tell me your needs, your dreams
    I absorb the issues and most importantly your thoughts.
    And then a little magic happens.
    I weigh-in with ideas, solutions, inspiration
    All to transform your home, even without touching.

    Contact me to set up a serious look-see:
    I’ll fill you in on all the details.

  • secrets
  • secrets

    I’m not sure if there’s anything new under the sun. But there are some critical ingredients for good design. Ones I couldn’t go without.


    • Use double-hanging rods, in addition to a single rod in entry closets to maximize space. Most people have many more jackets than full-length coats.
    • Install a narrow shelf with a drop-down front underneath a built-in desk top to hold a power strip and hide wires
    • Create indispensable shoe closets from narrow-depth space. A minimum depth of 9.5” accommodates adjustable shelving for dozens of shoes, floor to ceiling.
    • Incorporate antiques into wall units with the installation of an old cabinetry front, architectural element, or countertop
  • secrets-2


    • Incorporate waste basket “drawers” as part of your vanity.
    • Create a pull out hamper as part of the millwork design.
    • Install electrical outlets inside medicine cabinets.
    • Keep medicine cabinet mirrors fog-free with the installation of a heating element sandwiched between the mirror and its backing.
  • secrets-3


    • Locate outlets in the baseboard, not higher up in the drywall. This requires a little more carpentry, but results in a more finished look
    • Designate as many outlets as possible to be half switches and plug your table lamps into them. You’ll feel like a lighting genius as you walk into the room, flip a single switch, and have perfect table lighting instantly.
    • Consolidate light switches for a room in one location, even if it means having a six, eight, or ten-switch panel. You’ll quickly learn which switch works which light, and the look is neater and less obtrusive.
    • Position light switches 36” from the floor. It’s a more natural reach for your hand and allows better space for artwork.
  • whispers
  • whispers

    Faye Cone is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. The mark of her creativity is that anyone who enters a home that Faye has designed, reacts with the same breathless question, “Who did this room? Can I have her name?” The simplicity, the creativity, and the modernity of her work is consistent across residences. She has an uncanny ability to deliver outstanding results at both the high end and less expensive prices. She designs for comfort, and for use. Faye is a true genius, delivering a classic feel with a sophisticated twist.

    – Upper West Side Partial Renovation

  • whispers2

    Faye Cone’s level of professionalism, creativity, and business acumen surpassed our wildest dreams. And our apartment truly reflects the personalities of our family with an edgy, creative warmth.

    – Upper Westside Partial Renovation

  • whispers3

    Faye was brought in to restructure a troubled project and was instrumental in not only getting the project back on track with a new team but helped us achieve our vision. She knew the difference between what we said we wanted and what we really meant.

    – Midtown Renovation

  • whispers4

    Working with Faye was a delight. She has total integrity, was a pit bull with the budget, was sensitive to my style and is very creative. The process was fun and stress free. After doing our apartment, I later had her do our country home. I was very pleased with her work.

    – Central Park West Complete Renovation

  • contact
  • Contact

    800 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY 10065

    Flat 2,
    10 Gledhow Gardens,
    London SW5 OAY
    +44 (0) 747 106 8593